Cal Newport on Slow Productivity

Cal Newport’s Deep Questions podcast was a new subscription for me this year. Newport covers a bunch of topics around the theme of doing important work well and sustainably. The podcast is way less dry than you might imagine, largely due to Newport’s dad-joke heavy sense of humour.

I know diving into the latest ep of a podcast can sometimes feel like you’ve missed a trick, so for folks who are curious, this video on Newport’s views on they why and how of Slow Productivity is a pretty good intro to his subject matter.

Monday Links 17

The DORA 2022 State of DevOps Report suggests loosely coupled architecture can predicts burnout in developers, which is the opposite to previous editions of the report. In the same report, a generative organisational culture is found to predict better performance related to security.

Dave Farley: Did Microservices Break DORA?

While we’re looking at State of… reports, the 2022 State of AI Report was also published recently. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but Jack Clark has a few notes.

The Mathematics of Weight Loss, a talk by Ruben Meerman

Understanding how your systems actually work is an important part of software engineering. More often than not when something goes wrong it’s due to an incorrect assumption about the software or the environment in which it runs. And, man, are there a lot of things people just believe to be true.

This talk isn’t about software engineering, but it’s a good illustration of how having an accurate understanding about how something actually works can change how you think about it.

In this TEDx talk Ruben Meerman poses the question: when you lose weight, where does the fat go? He proceeds to dispel some falsehoods about fat loss, and dives into the chemistry of the process. It’s a fascinating and entertaining watch.