Monday Links 21

OpenAI released GPT-4. I’m intrigued by the potential of being able to take a photo of my fridge and get suggestions of what to make for dinner. Even better would be if it could suggest how to tidy up the mess in there and let me know which jars of pickles and salsa should really be biffed.

I love Uses This. Daniel Bogan finds people from a huge range of jobs and asks them four questions: Who are you, and what do you do? What hardware do you use? And what software? It’s a perfect site for finding rabbit holes to go down.

In On Code Coverage Tools, Chelsea Troy argues for framing coder coverage as a satisficing metric as opposed to an optimizing metric so that you consider the context and relative value of your tests rather than just aiming to improve the coverage number.

Rands: Seven Plus or Minus Three

A common question I am asked, “How big should the team be?” My immediate response: Seven plus or minus three. There is a not a lot of hard theory behind this guideline, just common sense.

Everything That’s Ever Gone Wrong on My Camping Trips. Exercises in resilience, including a dog fighting a bear, sand fleas, losing your friends in the wilderness, and terrible french bread.

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