Hades - Developing Hell

Noclip are a tiny studio who create documentaries about video games. They concentrate on diving deep into the history of studios or the development of specific titles. Entirely funded by Patreon, Noclip’s documentaries are hight quality and fascinating viewing.

In 2018 Noclip published the first episode in a series about the development of Hades, starting just as Supergiant Games were getting ready to put the game into Early Access. The series chronicles the process of developing and iterating a game, responding to and incorporating feedback from eager customers with high expectations, and, as development rolls into 2020, figuring out how to work on a game during a pandemic. The final episode was released in 2021 and documents what happens when the Hades finally reaches 1.0.

If you liked Double Fine Adventure then this documentary will be right up your alley.

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