Double Fine Adventure

In 2012 Double Fine ran a Kickstarter campaign around the idea of documenting the process of creating a new point and click adventure. They aimed for $300K to make the game and $100K for the documentary. By the end of the campaign, backers had pledged $3.3 million.

Thus began the work: everything from coming up with the story idea, designing the asthetic, building the team, writing the code, writing the story, animating everyhing, fixing bugs, and copious amounts of polish. The huge success of the campaign was both a blessing and a curse as expectations around the scope and quality of the game ratched up way beyond the original intentions, with the project eventually having a significant impact on the financial prospects of the company.

All of this was captured on camera and the resulting documentary series is a fascinating glimpse into the realities of creating something brand new under a weight of expectations. I think I’ve watched the entirety three of four times now and I always find some new aspect that I learn from.

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