Monday Links 46

Alex Hutchinson: Most supplements don’t work. But that’s not the worst part.

Outside Run: How Trail Running Saved a Top Chef from Addiction

“Whenever I’m stressed out and dizzy, I just want to be running outside by myself or with one or two people, for as long as possible. That’s really what running has become for me. There’s a lot of reward in that, climbing or traversing a mountain.”

I’ve cooked this Donna Hay Apple Crumble a couple of times this month and it’s become my favourite apple crumble recipe. I include waaaay more rolled oats and I think salted butter works much better than unsalted.

Casey Neistat - Sisyphus and the Impossible Dream

What if you set a really hard goal and spent the best part of two decades trying, getting close and failing, while at the same time growing and developing in so many other ways? What happens to those old goals? Do they really matter? When is it ok to decide “no, I’m good” and be happy with what you have?

Sure, everyone’s already linked to this video, but maybe you’re one of the lucky ten thousand that hasn’t seen it yet.