Monday Links 39

Stereogum: Reconstruction Site Turns 20

Keegan Bradford’s write up of The Weakerthans’s third, best album, is a lovely tribute to John K. Samson’s songwriting. The highest rated comment says it all:

the weakerthans are a band that’s barely worth talking about most days because when we put on their records we bawl, and then there’s not much left to say when the record is finished

Related to the comment: Top 10 The Weakerthans Songs To Cry To On A Long Drive (MeFi thread)

Kent Beck and Gergely Orosz: Measuring Developer Productivity (A Response To McKinsey)

We urge engineering leaders to look to outcome and impact measurements, to identify what to measure. It’s true that it is tempting to measure effort. But there’s a reason why sales and recruitment teams are not judged by their performance in being in the office at 9am sharp, or by the number of emails sent – which are both effort or output.

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