Monday Links 38

The Surprisingly Simple Training of the World’s Fastest Marathoner

Kipchoge still follows an old-school approach, logging every detail in a notebook. He began the practice in 2003 and now has 18 logs stored at his home to reflect on at the end of each season.

“I document the time, the kilometers, the massage, the exercises, the shoes I’m using, the feeling about those shoes,” he says. “Everything.” He is known to review these details and learn from them for future training cycles.

And they make a remarkable record of marathoning excellence. “I trust one day I will go through them and see what has been happening in the whole system,” Kipchoge says. “When I call off the sport, I will combine them and write about them one day.”

Mapping where the Earth will become uninhabitable

A 3D visualisation of uninhabilitability in the coming years based on heat, water-stress, rising sea levels, and tropical cyclones. (MeFi thread)

Michael Lopp: Bored People Quit

This is my favourite essay on people management and I was happy to be able to introduce it to someone last week. May you will be one of the lucky 10,000 today?

US Open: Tennis Grand Slam marks 50 years of equal prize money

The recent FIFA Women’s World Cup was a triumph for the sport and yet another example of why pay parity is important. Not that we should need another example - it’s paid off incredibly well at the US Open for FIFTY FUCKING YEARS.

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