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Doom Emacs is “a configuration framework for GNU Emacs tailored for Emacs bankruptcy veterans who want less framework in their frameworks, a modicum of stability (and reproducibility) from their package manager, and the performance of a hand rolled config (or better).” Why it’s named Doom is explained in the FAQ:

As a kid in the Cretaceous period (1999), the source code of idsoftware’s classic Doom was my first exposure to programming. Totally clueless about C and compilers, all I could do was peek at it from time to time and hope I’d absorb its secrets if I stared hard enough. It didn’t work, but it sure jump-started by gamedev addiction.

So “Doom Emacs” was what you got when you combined childhood, demon-carnage nostalgia, terrible naming sense, and the sneaking suspicion that Emacs is the unwritten tenth circle Dante censored for humanity’s protection.

The results of the 2023 StackOverflow Developer survey are up. Nearly half of professional devs are using AI to help them write code.

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