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As part of embracing being open to work, I’m trying out Badger, a new tool for asynch, timeboxed, focused conversations. The group I’m in is centered around the networking aspect of Badger - it’s a collection of folks with a similar goal asking questions and sharing advice.

My favourite part of Badger is how you set up your profile: rather than retreading your LinkedIn headline there are several prompts you can choose to answer, some professional, some personal, some random. It’s a much more engaging way of talking about yourself.

I haven’t tried the audio feature yet. I think I’m a text guy. My Badger profile is open if you want to get in touch.

Cal Newport: What Kind Of Mind Does ChatGPT Have?

The response to ChatGPT, and to the other chatbots that have followed in its wake, has often suggested that they are powerful, sophisticated, imaginative, and possibly even dangerous. But is that really true? If we treat these new artificial-intelligence tools as mysterious black boxes, it’s impossible to say. Only by taking the time to investigate how this technology actually works—from its high-level concepts down to its basic digital wiring—can we understand what we’re dealing with. We send messages into the electronic void, and receive surprising replies. But what, exactly, is writing back?

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