Monday Links 11

Two years ago GitHub archived all the open source repos they host along with copies of StackOverflow and Wikipedia on 188 reels of archival film inside a decommissioned coal mine in the arctic. Last week they talked about the why and how.

Gina Trapani talks about why senior leaders sometimes seem less engaged than you’d expect and presents some tips on how to get your message across to them

Charity Majors’s latest post, The Hierarchy Is Bullshit (And Bad For Business), is chock-full of good stuff like this:

Power flows to managers by default, just like water flows downhill. Managers have to actively push back on this tendency by explicitly allocating powers and responsibilities to tech leads and engineers. Don’t hoard information, share context generously, and make sure you know when they would want to tap in to a discussion. Your job is not to “shield” them from the rest of the org; your job is to help them determine where they can add outsize value, and include them. Only if they trust you to loop them in will they feel free to go heads down and focus.

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