Automation is hard! And we are doing it wrong... a talk by Johan Abildskov

Johan Abildskov presented Automation is Hard! at GOTO Copenhagen in 2022 and it popped up in my feed while I was on the pro-leisure circuit.

If you’re on board with the practices discussed in the likes of The DevOps Handbook and Accelerate then it might be a little bit preaching to the choir, but if you’re still figuring out how to improve the stability of your software and the speed at which you deploy it, this is a bloody good talk.

The blurb:

Automation is a key part of any efficiency project and of being a successful software organization. But the way we as an industry approaches automation hinders our success and puts a stop in our track.

In this talk, I will cover some of the ways we set ourselves up for failure, as teams, orgs and engineers. Of course, you will also leave with a few sound practices to address the issues presented.

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