10 Minute Squat Test

I run and cycle fairly frequently and the running volume is ramping up as I incrementally build up to the 52km trail run in February. In the past I’ve found the biggest barrier to consistency in my exercise is soreness and injury. I’ve tried to prevent injury and treat soreness via stretching, even doing a daily yoga-like routine. But stretching hasn’t really helped.

Earlier this year I listened to what my gym coaches have preached and concentrated on mobility and improving my range of motion. I bought Built To Move by Juliet & Kelly Starrett and started some of the daily practices in it. More recently I cancelled a couple of streaming subscriptions and signed up to the Starrett’s Virutal Mobility Coach and encouraged everyone in my family to give it a go. Every day for three weeks we’ve squatted, rolled, and mobilised using a variety of simple equiment and techniques. The results have been transforming. Working on my hips and feet has made running easier and reduced pain. I used to occasionally get abductor cramps after riding. a 40km jaunt the other day had no ill effects. The daily maintenance has worked for me and my family.

I’m looking forward to when the 10 Minute Squat Test is a piece of cake. I don’t think it will be that long.

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